Pure Pollination Quality Heirloom Seeds You Can Trust

#1 Heirloom Vendor In America

40 Life-Sustaining Heirloom Varieties

Selected by experts with utmost love and care, our vegetable seeds provide you with nutrition you need and flavors you crave.

Our bag contains mixture of warm and cool season crops to provide you with a healthy diet year round.

All strains have been time tested. Our bag is perfect for preppers and survivalists as well as home gardeners. 

Start growing TODAY!!! Our seeds are easy for anyone to start growing in their backyard, garden plots, raised beds, containers, aquaponics units and more.

What's Included

- 40 Varieties of Seeds including popular vegetables, fruits and herbs. Refer HERE for details

- Over 16,500 Seeds in every bag so you'll never run out!

- A 40+ Page Instruction Booklet easy to use and packed with information on how to plant, grow and harvest your own heirloom vegetables. Turn your garden into an everlasting food supply.

- A Large Seed Vault Storage Bag featuring a re-sealable vacuum sealed top (keeps seeds lasting years longer + superior moisture barrier. Pest, insect and rodent resistant. Freezer safe.)

-Rated 5+ Year Shelf-Life if stored under ideal conditions (e.g. cold/dry/dark). Packaged for long-term storage but can also be used each year. 

30 Year Freezer Shelf Life If left in a freezer, our seeds can last up to 30 years. This is perfect for survival situations. 

Pure Pollination Heirloom Seeds

40+ Page Instruction


Includes a list of all heirloom seeds included in your pack. And a colorful, pictured, detailed instructions on how to plant, grow and harvest your own heirloom vegetables.

Want to know what varieties you'll be getting and how much of each seed the kit contains? Click the link below.

View Vegetable Kit Varieties & Seed Counts

Why Grow Your Own Food?

It's fun and empowering.

Tastier than store bought.

More nutritious than store bought.

Spend less time and money at the market.

Know where your food comes from.

A backup plan in case of emergencies

Harvest Seeds again & again for replanting

Relieve Stress While Gardening

Be self sustainable


Made to Survive!

Don't worry, we got your back.  

Our seeds can last 30 years if left frozen. This is perfect for survival situations. 

Better than our competitors!

I've tried 3 different companies, and Pure Pollination knocks every one out of the park. They have the best germination rate in seeds I've ever seen. 


#1 Heirloom Vendor

"Awesome deal! I got everything described and even got an extra pack of celery seeds!"


High Germination Rates

"So far, so good! Many of my tomato, squash and cucumber seeds germinated nicely. I'll be planting a few more next week!"

Madam T

Customer Satisfaction

"I will never buy my seeds from anywhere else."

Ross M.

Rated 5+ year shelf life

"This seed packet is extensive and an incredible investment! I only have a small garden at this time, but if stored properly these seeds should be viable for many years. I am very excited about growing"


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