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Why You Want Wildflowers in Your Garden

Why You Want Wildflowers in Your Garden

Are you considering adding Wildflowers to your garden but aren't sure yet?Β  Maybe you never even thought about!Β If so, we want to explain to you why having wildflowers in your garden is super important and why you will love them!


The world had lost nearly 97 percent of its wildflowers meadows between the years 1930 and 1980s. Being a part of nature, wildflowers have some unique benefits which make them highly suitable candidates for being kept and grown in the garden. Due to these benefits, there has been a tremendous upward trend in the adoption of wildflowers for the last 20 years. We think you'll want them in your garden as well. Very well you should, so we can not only preseve their part in nature but also preseve and proprogate our Heirloom gardens year after year.


One of the most important reasons why we should have wildflowers in our gardens is that they have very bright and attractive colors as well as a very appealing and pleasant aroma. Various insects known as pollinators are drawn towards this aroma which ultimately facilites the process of pollination. Most plants of food and commercial importance depend upon pollination in order to produce good quality vegetables and fruits. If pollination does not take place naturally then it has to be done artificially which is a very hectic, expensive and less efficient method. Why not just let nature take over ?


Pollinators are also important for various purposes other than pollination. One of these purposes includes pest control. Since pollinators are insects, they eat smaller plant pests which otherwise destroy your heirloom garden. Wildflowers in your garden provide a place for various pollinators like butterflies to lay their eggs as well as get their food. It brings these beauties a place to call home. Bees, for example, get their food from wildflowers by sucking the nectar. Therefore, they are very important in maintaining a balanced food chain by promoting the quality and abundance of life of various pollinators, Bees being one of the most important to our precious eco-system.Β 


Another important reason for having wildflowers inside our gardens is that they are extremely beautiful and fill our gardens with visual beauty and aromatic fragrances. As you may know this can promote feelings of well being and promote happiness! Having wildflowers in the garden provides a very soothing psychological effect and can help one get rid of mental anxiety and depression by feeling close to nature.


Apart from these benefits, wildflowers have some broad level benefits as well. For example, they can be used to obtain a wide range of medically active chemicals that can be used for the manufacturing of medicines of highly fatal diseases. What does that mean for you? Wildcrafted herbs and flowers can be used in your home medicinally as well. Teas, rubs, natural makeup, baths, tinctures and even in your salasds are some of the many ways these flowers can be used. The best part is it's super easy to do all these things!


The benefits of having wildflowers in our gardens are immense and not limited to the ones that have been mentioned above. Therefore, having these wildflowers in our garden will not add to the beauty of our garden but also help smaller life forms thrive.




We think you will benefit greatly from having Wildflowers in your garden. If you don't choose to add them to your garden for your own benefit. Consider helping out our eco-system. Saving the bees, one wildflower at a time.Β 


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