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Pure Pollination Gift Card

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Give the Gift of HEALTH to a Loved One 🌿

Gardening has incredibly positive effects on our mind and psychological state. Not only does it help us slow down and enter an almost meditative state, but it helps us with something more transcendental to our lives: mental growth and a connection to nature. We are positive this is the perfect gift for everyone! We could all use a lot more nature in our lives and a break from our 9-5 office jobs. 
Put a smile on your friends or loved ones face with a Pure Pollination Gift Card for them to select from any kit on our website. You'll be gifting them more than just a garden seeds, you'll be gifting them connection, freedom and health. 🌱😍


  • Various Kits Sold
  • 4-7 Day FREE Shipping
  • Instruction Booklets Packed in Every Kit
  • 100% Heirloom
  • High Germination Rates
  • Natural & NON-GMO Strains
  • 100% MADE IN THE USA
  • Brand New 2019 Stock High Germination Rate
  • Packets are inside an Airtight pouch with an Oxygen Absorber
  • 5+ Year Shelf Life
  • 30+ Shelf Life If Left Frozen